September 24, 2015

Rules for dating my son {guest post}

My great friend, mentor and Realtor Libby Zeigler recently searched for dating rules for her sons and couldn't find any she liked.  Being the creative momma she is, Libby took it upon herself to write some rules to help young women understand the reason for her spiritually grounded {albeit socially backward} dating philosophy.  I don't have any kids yet, but I love, love, LOVE the heart that shines through in this article.  It is obvious that these parents have put a great amount of love and deep thought into the parameters they have set for their children.  I made irresponsible decisions as I teenager that I would gladly take back.  Given that I'm not into the whole time travel thing, I pray that my story may shine God's light into the darkness that others may experience.  I pray that one day my kids have adults like Libby and her husband Bobby in their lives to support our parenting and boundaries.  L & B - you guys are rock stars in my book and proof that strong Christian families are alive and thriving in our often questionable culture.  Thank you for sharing this article with the Borrowed Blessings family!

1. You may not. 
If you are unclear about what this means, let me help: You may NOT date my son. You may NOT think of him as your boyfriend, or refer to yourself as his “girlfriend”. He is NOT your “Hun”, “Boo”, “Sweetie” or anything other than your FRIEND. Don’t even BEGIN to think of uttering the words “Nobody will love you like I do”. . . those words are reserved for the one who carried him in her womb for 9 months, gave birth to him and calls him “Son”. 

2. If you break Rule 1, there are a few things you should be aware of: 
*I will find out. 
*I am menopausal, which means I’m a little crazy most of the time. Some days I forget to take my “Let’s Not Kill Anyone Today” pill. You’ve been warned. 
*My son has 2 older sisters who love Jesus, but know how to throw a mean throat punch and are VERY protective of their little brother. You’ve been warned. 

3. If you ARE “The One”: 
*You will wait for him until he’s allowed to date – and that’s not going to be until he’s AT LEAST graduated from High School and his father and I are confident in his ability to make solid decisions that honor Jesus and reflect his desire to follow God’s plan for his life. 
*You will NOT encourage him to disobey his parents, sneak around behind our backs and break Rule #1. 
*When the time is right, you will be welcomed into our family with open arms and taught how to throat punch anyone who hurts him. 
*If you are The One, we have been praying for you since our son was born. We will love you as one of our own children. We want ONLY what is best for him, and trust that you do as well. 
*You will get a man who understands what it is to respect authority, patiently wait for God’s best, hasn’t been conditioned to fall in love and then fall out and then fall in love again and then break up and then commit to a girl and then walk away. You will get a man who has a WHOLE heart... not pieces of a heart that’s been broken over and over. You will get a man who can’t wait to experience a lifetime of “FIRSTS” with the ONE he has been waiting for. If you are THE ONE... you will wait... and my son is worth the wait.

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