About Me

Hey y'all!  Welcome to Borrowed Blessings!  I love sharing our journey with you.  

I'm Kara, a twenty-something wife, daughter and child of God.  I've been married just over a year to my better half, so I'm still working on that Susie Homemaker thing.  I am currently a momma to two fur babies and we hope to add some two-legged babies to our family in the near-ish future {in the meantime, I'm working on expanding our funny farm}.  We are also in the process of buying and renovating our first home!  In our free time, we love helping lead youth group {this really helps us stay grounded in who we are as well as whose we are}.  We are blessed that Jesus chose to rescue us from our pasts and from the futures we deserve.  We strive to be a beacon of God's light into the darkness.

Hubby is a skilled pipe fitter, builder and do-it-all handy man.  I tackle the design, planning and decor aspects.  As we delve deeper into home renovation, I'm slowly learning and becoming more comfortable with the actually-making-things-happen side of things {I'll always be a planner at heart though!}.  Other random things you might have never wanted to know about me?  I really am not skilled at homemaking, although I'm learning as I go {our home will never, ever be mistaken for a show home}.  I'm a dreamer, a planner, an optimist and an elephant lover.  I was not an outdoorsy child, but I now work for a farming business {my mom jokes that of us three kids, I would have been the last one she would have picked to work on a farm}!  I love Chip & Joanna Gaines of HGTV's Fixer Upper {For real. I told my husband I was going to change my name to Kara Miller Gaines so I could be cool like Joanna.... he nixed the idea}.

Thank you for reading my ramblings!  Your encouragement and readership motivates and inspires us.