September 22, 2015

Bargain hunting at Kohl's {with insider secrets and discount code savings!}

So, in case you've been living under a rock or haven't visited our blog before, my husband and I are purchasing and renovating our first home. It's super fun... sometimes.  The renovation process can be tough at times though {uh, like when you have to scrape your just stained kitchen cabinets}.  I've found that shopping for decor is a fun way to break up the tough moments - and it's a great way to get design ideas!  As I'm shopping, I'm trying to only buy the things I really LOVE... we're trying to minimize the amount of stuff in the new house.

Kohl's is one of my go-to stores for home decor {and lots of other random things}.  Their prices, when matched with coupons, are unbeatable!  They are also great about letting you return things even if other stores won't {i.e. you can't find your receipt, you bought the item 10 months ago, etc}.  I worked at Kohl's for a few years in college, so I have some insider tips to share with you!

1. Don't assume things are a good price.
Okay I know I just told you that their prices are unbeatable.  The prices are unbeatable, but make sure you shop when those prices are active!  Kohl's runs some REALLY good deals, but then they also have some weeks where the prices are not good deals at all.  Don't buy something the first time you see it unless you REALLLLLLYYYY love it.  Wait it out for the bargain!

2. Apply for a Kohl's charge card!
I am a big fan of all things budget-related by Dave Ramsey... {Dave, if you're reading this please scroll to the next point.}  Let me just step out of that Dave Ramsey bubble for a minute, because he does not approve of charge cards.  The way to get the best savings at Kohl's is by using their charge card.  There are times when you can get equally good deals without one, but typically charge card users get higher percentage discounts.  {When I worked there, associates also earned a small bonus for each charge card they got a customer to open.  It'll really make your cashier's day if you help them reach their daily goal.  This alone is NOT a good reason to apply for the card, but if you're going to apply anyway you might as well help someone's goal!}

3. Use the Kohl's app.
Kohl's puts out LOTS of coupons and coupon codes, so it can be nearly impossible to keep track of them all!  When you're ready to shop, open the Kohl's app then check out all the savings under Deals & Coupons!  There are TONS of codes here that you may have missed in the huge pile of Kohl's emails.  See the graphic above to find the deals on the app.

4. Sign up for Kohl's emails.
Kohl's sends exclusive coupons and discounts to their email members!  It's free and easy to sign up.  You also get a 15% off coupon when you join {which you can do here}!  This leads me to my next tip....

5. Use a secondary email address.
Kohl's {and other retailers} send a LOT of emails, so I would use a "junk" email for this.  If you only have one email address, I suggest setting up a second email address to use for stores and mailing lists.  This keeps your primary email from getting clogged up and potentially missing important emails.

6. Join the Kohl's "Yes 2 You" Rewards program.
The rewards program works alongside the charge card and Kohl's email program.  You earn points every time you shop (in store and online) then they email you a $5 coupon every time you earn 100 points.  Again - don't spend money just to earn their rewards.  BUT if you're purchasing an item anyway, you might as well earn some extra rewards!  You also get a $5 reward coupon when you join!

7. Sign up for text messsages.
This is just like the other programs above - another way to get more discounts!  Sometimes the email and text coupons are the same, but they sometimes offer a better deal on a different platform.  Sign up for all the programs to get the best spread of deals!  Text SAVE07 to 54657 to sign up.  You also get a 15% off online coupon when you join!

8. All clearance is not created equal.
You might think clearance prices would be the same from store-to-store or online.  However, they are NOT!  Different stores in the same region price clearance at different times/rates.  When I worked at the store in college, we had just opened.  Our location always had deeper clearance markdowns than other stores in our area.  The stores also typically have much better clearance prices than the website does.

9. Use all the deals you can!
There are some deals you can stack and some you can't.
In store: You can stack as many "dollar off" coupons as you have.  This includes Kohl's Cash and deals such as $10 off $30 of kids clothes or $15 off $50 of electronics.  You can typically only use ONE percent-off code per transaction.
Online: The website changes how many coupon codes you can use at once.  Currently, you can use 4 coupon codes on any one order {including Kohl's Cash codes}.  Sometimes at the holidays this number changes.

10. Use ebates!
If you're shopping online, use ebates!  It's a completely legitimate way to earn money back on lots of online retailers.  I have earned a total lifetime amount of $450 - for real.  450 bones, cash money in my pocket!  Ebates also offers extra discount codes.  To use ebates, you click through the ebates website to go to Kohl's then shop like normal.  Every time you do this, you earn a percentage of your purchase back on ebates {the percentage varies - holidays always have higher percentages!}.  Then ebates deposits your quarterly earnings into your paypal account.  It's a pretty sweet deal!  To sign up for ebates, click here. {Disclosure: This is an affiliate link.  I earn rewards for you joining.  I wouldn't advise it if it weren't legitimate though. Promise!}  Ebates was started in 1999 and has given out almost 19 million dollars in cash back since their inception - daaaang!  I also know some people use upromise for cash back into their kids' college funds.  I've heard this is a good program, but I have not personally used it.

11. Online shopping, in store returns.
I love online shopping, but returns are a pain in the tookus when you have to pay to mail them back!  Kohl's lets you return anything you purchase on their website to any store.  I use this regularly when I can't decide between two items on their website - just order both then pick which one you like better in person and return the other!

Now that you're equipped with all the best shopping tips at Kohl's, I'd love to share some of the current deals with you!  I've gotten all of these codes through one of the avenues above {the text message program, ebates, etc}.  The deal, expiration date, and promo code for each promotion are listed below.  Keep in mind that all of these stack on top of the sale prices!

Extra 20% off select already reduced items - Expires TOMORROW, 9/23/15 - Promo Code: TICKTOCK
Check out this promo ASAP, it's a 2 day only event!  Over FOUR THOUSAND items are reduced plus they get an extra 20% off!

20% off Everything - TODAY ONLY 9/22/15 - LEAVES
15% off $100+ - Exp. 12/31/15 - CATCH15OFF
15% off Nunnbush Footwear - Exp. 10/14/15 - NUNNBUSH15
15% off select Harvest Essentials, Home Decor & Cold-Weather Bedding - Exp. 9/24/15 - HARVEST15
15% off Costumes & Hallowen Merchandise - Exp. 9/23/15 - SPOOKY15
15% off all Seventeen Bedding - Exp. 9/30/15 - SEVENTEEN15
$10 off $30 Women's Juicy Couture Apparel - Exp. 9/23/15 - JUICY10
$10 off $30 Baby & Toddler, Maternity and Baby Gear - Exp. 9/23/15 - BABYSALE10
$10 off $30 Juniors' Suit Separates - Exp. 9/23/15 - WORKWEAR10
Free gift with purchase when you buy: Dream on Me crib, Juicy Couture watch, Escada Joyful fragrance, Guess Girl fragrance, Ermenegildo Zegna UOMO fragrance.  {See app "Deals & Coupons" for details.}

Don't forget your 3% cash back on top of all these deals!  Sign up for ebates here!

If you enjoyed this information and want to learn more about saving, check out this post about Target's bargains!

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