October 2, 2015

Yard Sale Price Tag Printables

Earlier I shared my best yard sale tips for success.  I promised to share the custom tags I made with you.  When we're tagging, we usually keep all the tags for each size sorted in small ziploc bags.  I have also used a small tackle/organizing box {as pictured}.  This worked really well for me!

I am so excited to share these free printable price tags with you!  They're super simple - you can use with any paper you want.  I usually use colored copy or cardstock paper.  You can cut them with scissors or a paper cutter, just eyeball the size.  There's also space to write your name if you have multiple people at your sale.

For the low price points, each amount has its own document {24 tags per page}.  This is so you can print more of just the 25 cent tags without having to print more of all the price tags.  Tags for $3-$5 are on one sheet because I don't use as many of these.  For amounts over $5, I hand write a tag {I don't have many items above $5}.

25 cents
50 cents

Feel free to use these for your sale and share with your friends!  If you're going to share them, just make sure you link back here.  Thank you!

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