September 12, 2015

Target clearance {tips to get the best deals}

Normally, I wouldn't be so insistent.  However, you need to listen.  This is important.  Check the bank account, clear out the piggy, go check out Target's clearance section!  Before you go, though, make sure you check out my tips and ideas below!

Tip: Hunt down the deals!
The clearance items were not centrally located when I shopped this week {and they typically aren't}.  In some spots, there were end caps or aisles of clearance.  The exciting finds {and often the best deals} were still in their normal location.  The end caps with clearance are typically at the end of aisles {closer to the exterior of the store}.  As you walk down the exterior aisle of the store {so you can see the clearance end caps}, watch the aisles for clearance items!  Just look for the red clearance tag like in the photo below.

Tip: Check for further discounts!
Look closely at similar items!  Different colors of the exact same item may be priced differently.  At Target tonight, there was a 3 tier shelf.  In white it was $13.98, but in teal it was $9.98.  If you're open to funky colors, you may find a better deal!  Also in further discounts - download the Cartwheel app and use it while you're in the store.  Cartwheel is an app for electronic Target coupons.  I found a laundry basket on clearance {I assume it was tagged because it's a "college" item?}.  It was $5 and change on clearance PLUS there was an extra 15% off offer on Cartwheel!  {It ended up just over $4!}

Tip: Think broad categories for seasonal clearance!
You know at the end of the summer there will be school clearance, right?  All the normal items - pencils, markers, post it notes will all be marked down to great prices {if they're still available}.  There are often lots of items that may be loosely related, but that are also on clearance.  For example, many college items are on clearance with the school supplies in early to mid September.  I got a great price on a black laundry basket because it was a "college" item.  {Don't worry, the basket doesn't know it was a college basket so I think we're good on the self-identity crisis front.}  Seriously, dirty clothes are dirty clothes.  This wasn't a bright colored, oddly shaped basket.  It was a tall-ish, standard size Room Essentials {Target brand} laundry basket.  Ring 'er up!

I have been to two Target stores in the last 28 hours {for... research}.  That's what I told my husband anyway.  The stores had slightly different pricing and availability, but overall there are a TON of goodies at great prices!  Your stores may {of course} have different items or prices.  These pictures and prices are from Greenwood, IN and Columbus, IN.  All of the clearance items were 30%-70% off.  Some of the current deals I found at Indiana Target stores:

There were some school supplies left at each store.
-Notebooks, highlighters, pencils
-Dry erase boards & markers
-Backpacks & lunchboxes
-Teacher supplies: paint, bulletin board supplies, classroom organization

There were a TON of college-ish items on sale!
-Twin and twin XL sheets, comforters, blankets, and more {I found pillowcases in this section for $2 each! SCORE!}
-Laundry baskets
-Rugs {area rugs, bathroom rugs}
-Decor items {pictures, wall hangings, picture frames, pillows}
-Organizational items {shower caddy, bathroom organizers, wall hooks}

-Lawn chairs
-Bug spray
-Beach/pool stuff
-Indoor/outdoor rugs
-Anything outdoorsy

-Kids storage furniture
-Super cute decor {check out the wall station I'm going to hang our dog leashes on!}
-Toys {for 2 legged and 4 legged children}
-Frozen + princesses EVERYWHERE {aka LET IT GOOOOOO}
Seriously, if you have a Frozen fan, get to Target!  One of our nieces is Frozen crazy.  I got a beach towel, glow sticks, pencils, and a few other goodies - all featuring our favorite ladies Anna & Elsa!  These items are mostly under $1 each and make great stocking stuffers.  The packages of glow sticks were $.74 each and had 25 glow items in them - SCORE!  There were also superhero themed glow stick packs.  {And yes, if you're the parent of any of our nieces & nephews, you're probably going to be taking home glow sticks on Christmas.  Don't thank me, thank Target!}

Happy deal hunting!  As always, I'm big on being frugal.  However, I'm even bigger on buying quality products that I love, and that are going to last.  {Apparently that's all tied into the Konmari method that's gaining popularity now.}  I really just want to avoid buying products that are going to break in a year... or ones I only buy because they're on clearance.  That never, ever ends well.  Buy things you love!  You might as well have a happy space {even if your laundry basket IS depressed because it was meant for a college space}.

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